Project Worksheet

Purchaser 1

*Required Information Only*
The following are essential for completing the Worksheet form. In the realm of real estate, a worksheet acts as a critical tool for either reserving a suite or expressing interest in a particular unit, especially within highly sought-after projects. It serves essentially as a means for buyers to reserve a unit or indicate their unit preferences, allowing developers to compile and record the interest shown by potential buyers in a timely manner. It is recommended to fill out this worksheet as soon as possible to increase your likelihood of obtaining the unit you desire. Once the worksheets are processed and units are allocated, the developer’s sales team will contact those who have been assigned a unit to arrange a meeting at the sales office to complete the purchasing agreement. It is important to note that filling out a worksheet does not bind buyers to a purchase commitment. Buyers are at liberty to decide whether to go ahead with the purchase after being offered a suite by the sales team.


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